Why pay as you go?

  • Pay as You Go Websites enable businesses of all sizes to get online without the usual high startup costs and long timescales of a bespoke web project. This is because the system has been developed in advance, with many of the common requirements of a modern website already incorporated. This allows for rapid website deployment and easy expansion with pre-developed add-on modules.

    There have been no compromises in the development of the system so every Nova pay as you go website is a full featured, high quality professional business website - and because it's a managed system, with ongoing updates and improvements, it stays that way. In other words, we handle the tech stuff and all you need to do is keep your content updated.

    Many other important website features are included in every pay as you go website -

    • Extensive control over design with built in design tools
    • Exclusive 'Features' system, allowing for easy control of banners, sliders and other promotional panels
    • Easy to use Search Engine Optimisation administration for each page
    • Automatic Sitemap generation
    • Responsive design (so the sites reformat their layout automatically depending on the size of the screen being viewed on)
    • No limit on how many pages you can add
    • Managed system - we handle site updates, maintenance and backups.
    • Website Hosting included in monthly cost

Can I start with a basic site and then upgrade as I need new features?

  • Absolutely. A basic site for £20.00 a month gives you a great platform for the online presence of your business.

    You can add an unlimited number of standard pages, which enable you to add titles, body text and images to your pages. You can also direct your site visitors to your content by easily creating and arranging menu items.

    You can create calls to action with the site 'features'. These enable you to easily create banners, slider items and other high visiblity links to your important content.

    When you want more functionality for your site, such as Latest News, Image Galleries or Ecommerce, just let us know and we'll upgrade your subscription.

Are there any tie-ins or contracts to sign?

  • No. There are no tie ins or hidden charges; simply Pay As You Go.

    Payments are made monthly either automatically, or manually via a secure payment gateway. 

Will you help setup my site/store?

  • Of course - a training session to show you how to use the site and setup the content and design is free.

    If you would like us to set the site up for you, consider booking a setup session with a professional site developer to help you get your site kick-started.  Setup sessions start from £99.00.

I'd like an online store site - how much would this cost?

  • You need the core system at £20.00 per month + the Ecommerce add-on for £10.00 per month - making a total of £30.00 per month.  This will give you all the tools you need to get your products online.

    A useful addition to ecommerce stores is the 'Frequently Asked Questions' add-on at £2.00 per month.  This is good for adding commonly requested information such as 'What shipping service do you use', 'How do you handle returns' etc.

    You can take payments securely with Paypal or Sagepay - although you'll need an internet merchant account (available from your bank) to use Sagepay. Each payment provider will take a fee for processing transactions - current rates are available at their respective websites - www.paypal.co.uk and www.sagepay.co.uk

How much control do I have over the site design and layout?

  • Once logged in to your site you can edit the site theme. This changes the look and feel of your site and you can change theme any time you like.

    You can load a preset theme and if you like the look of the site, you're done.  If however you'd like to add some personal touches to your site design, each site element can be individually edited to display with your favoured colours, fonts etc.  The extensive design tools built in to our pay as you go core system enable site owners to achieve a wide range of professional looking designs without ever incurring the expense of a designer.

    Your main page content can be set to display in either 1 column (full page width), 2 columns or 3 columns. You create the second and third columns by setting the position of certain site elements such as the shopping cart or news links in the side areas of the page. If you don't assign anything to the side areas, the main page content will be displayed in a single column or 'full page'.

Can I move my NOVA site to another hosting company?

  • Sorry no - Nova websites are available as a subscription service, not for purchase and therefore cannot be moved to another host.  We will however be happy to give you an export of your site database and any files associated with your site content if you'd like to end your NOVA subscription.