How much control do I have over the site design and layout?

Once logged in to your site you can edit the site theme. This changes the look and feel of your site and you can change theme any time you like.

You can load a preset theme and if you like the look of the site, you're done.  If however you'd like to add some personal touches to your site design, each site element can be individually edited to display with your favoured colours, fonts etc.  The extensive design tools built in to our pay as you go core system enable site owners to achieve a wide range of professional looking designs without ever incurring the expense of a designer.

Your main page content can be set to display in either 1 column (full page width), 2 columns or 3 columns. You create the second and third columns by setting the position of certain site elements such as the shopping cart or news links in the side areas of the page. If you don't assign anything to the side areas, the main page content will be displayed in a single column or 'full page'.